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the goal

We love to draw. We love to tell stories of multiple genres. Why not bring more of the good stuff to your hands?

Not only do we want to bring more art into the world, we want to be able to bring stories to life. 

We hope you enjoy what we bring! Enjoy the art. Enjoy the stories. Enter the new worlds.

Angelina C. Roman-Ochoa

Founder / Illustrator & Writer

Angelina graduated from NJCU in New Jersey with a BFA in Illustration in graphic design in 2015. 

Her love for art and storytelling is what made her decide to start creating her own comics. She enjoys action and horror movies which plays a great role into the genre of comics she now creates with characters that reflect her own humor and sarcasm. She is currently writing the series, "Miserably Altered," and, "Cry Me A Blood Tear."

Haolun Huang


Haolun graduated from SVA in New York City in Illustration. He focuses on creatures and figure drawing by digital painting. 

He has worked on our, "Cry Me A Blood Tear," action series for layout concepts.

Brahim Bensehoul

Concept Artist & Illustrator

He is currently working on our, "Miserably Altered," horror series.

Pablo Martinena

Comic Artist

He is an artist from Argentina who works on biographical comics to TidalWave Entertainment such as, Nelson Mandela, David Beckham, Prince William & many more. Pablo is also currently working on our, "Cry Me A Blood Tear," action series.

Michael Aromando

Comic Artist & Character Designer

He is a currently studying entertainment design at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, CA. He is also currently working on character and creature concept designs for, "Cry Me A Blood Tear," and "Miserably Altered," series'. He is now also working on the layout concepts for, "Cry Me A Blood Tear," and on a character artbook for the series with Angelina. 

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