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Miserably Altered

Original Cover
Variant Cover 1
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One of our collector's variants is to the right.

Misery was born in Eldritch, a world of darkness, pain, and the unknown. She must gather all of her courage to fight the unimaginable around her as well as within herself. Her memories are always taken away, her life isn't her own...and neither are her organs...but she must find a way to escape her so-called home full of her captors called the Cacklers, known for their menacing laughter, in order to heal her deteriorating body that she never knew was failing. 


The Cacklers relied on forced memory loss to keep Misery the perfect captive: a prisoner that does not know she is one. 

She has been living behind white walls her whole life, hidden within the shadows of sharp teeth. She has never seen the outside world or breathed in the fresh air. The distant sound of shrieks and cackles were all she had ever heard. 

The comfort of her metal bed was all she had ever felt. But soon...her life will be altered. She will hear the truth. She will taste the fear. She will feel the pain.

Sneak Peak of what is inside!
(Images are not shown in order of the actual comic.)

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