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Cry Me A Blood Tear

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Cartridge, one of the few villages left in the world, was home to the infamous assassin clan called, "Bullets." The Bullets have been around for centuries protecting Cartridge and nearby villages of the monstrous terrors that roamed the Earth. The Shrapnel. They fell unto Earth from a foreign ship that exploded in the skies one dark, silent night. The creatures destroyed many homes and killed millions of people in their wake until, Bullets, was created. The Bullets consisted of people who had been born with an ability that no one else had. An ability called Ammo. This ability allowed them to enhance their bodies to fight the Shrapnel.


Now run by Mayis, The Gun, they continue the battle of survival against the Shrapnel. Though, just like how every battle comes to an end, so does leadership. Handing over the grip of the Bullets, may be more dangerous than any high ranking Shrapnel. A struggle, Aya, Mayis' niece, will soon find out within a hidden war that has just begun.

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