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6, 12?

I have been asked whether the Miserably Altered series is a one-off or if it would have multiple issues. Good question!

I definitely know for sure that it is most certainly not a one-off! After all, the first issue was just the beginning of Misery's story and I intend to keep Miserably Altered going for as long as I can.

Another question I have been asked is, "How many issues will it have?" My aim is for it to have any where between six issues to twelve issues or however long it takes to get the entire story done.

As I write and create the layouts for issue 2, I add more details into the story that makes it longer than I would anticipate. So the series can last six issues or even twenty issues. I do know the horror series will be a long one and I hope for it to be successful! So for all of the Miserably Altered fans out there and future ones, thank you for your support!

I want the story of Miserably Altered out there. I want to bring a different comic that is also a relatable story but also a fiction one. Misery is not your typical hero. In fact, she isn't one. She is entirely something else.

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