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No eyes, sinister smiles?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I have created my first comic series, Miserably Altered, to be part of the horror / fantasy genre. My character designs for this series is simple but I tried (and still am) trying to make my creatures different. Though in a vast art world, it is hard to come up with things that are unique or not seen before. Yes, the frustration.

So I decided, for my main character race, the Cacklers, (The Cacklers, mutated beings with no eyes and creepy wide smiles from cheek to cheek which can be seen in the first issue) to be something I would be creeped out by if it was standing before me.

Now don't refer to the image of this blog, though it is a goofy version that I drew of one of the Cacklers. LOL. If you would like to see a sneak peek of the first issue on the comic page of Miserably Altered, go to the comics page. :)

When I think of horror characters, I think of tall beings with very creepy expressions that glue to the back of my eye lids for a couple hours or more. Hence, the no eyes and sinister smiles with the side of never ending cackles. Imagine that being served on your plate for a taste of horror! It doesn't sound scary but if it was reality, you and many others (including myself) would run and accidentally hit our shoulders on the way out.

The Cacklers, laugh and cackle at everything. Despite their nonexistent eyeballs, they can see and find you when you hide, when you run, when you sleep, and when you think you've gotten away.

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